Bag Band Sealer

Power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 0.77Kw
Belt speed: 0- 12 meter per minute
Temperature: 0-300
Film thickness: Less than 0.08 mm

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Product Description

Bag Band Sealer

Product Description Of Bag Band Sealer

Our Bag Band Sealer can seal plastic films made from various materials continuously. It is characterized by high efficiency, continuous sealing, reliable quality and convenient operation. The machine adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device, which can control a variety of different shapes of plastic film tape, and the sealing length is not limited in various packaging lines. The seal height and width are adjustable and can be customized according to different bag size. 

Our Bag Band Sealer is ideal for high volume packaging and sealing thermoplastic materials like polyethylene, plastic-lined and foil of almost any size or length. It is suitable for sealing foil bags, plastic bags and composite bags in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricating oil and other industries. The manufacturing date, batch number and expiry date can be printed by solid-ink at the same time.

Technical Parameters Of Bag Band Sealer

Power supply

220V, 50HZ, 0.77Kw

Belt speed

0- 12 meter per minute



Film thickness

Less than 0.08 mm

Sealing size

12 mm

Machine size

908 x 392 x 292mm


What is heat sealing?

Heat-sealing bags are generally used in the packaging of daily chemical products, food and medicine packaging and other fields. Since the heat-sealed part of the packaging bag is most likely to leak when the product is filled, and most of the damage of the bag during actual use also occurs in the heat-sealed part, the selection of suitable heat-sealing materials and heat-sealing parameters can reduce the waste of the production line It can effectively improve the overall barrier performance of the package.

Hot-pressing sealing is to heat the sealing material in a certain way to make it reach a viscous flow state and then pressurize to make it sticky and sealed. Generally, it is completed by a hot-pressing sealing device or a hot-pressing sealing machine. The heat sealing head is the actuator of the heat sealing. According to the structure of the heat sealing head and the heating method, the heat sealing method can be divided into: ordinary heat sealing, fuse sealing, pulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing There are several types of sealing, high frequency heat sealing, and induction heat sealing. The film characteristics are different, and the applicable heat sealing methods are also different. For example, ultrasonic sealing and high frequency heat sealing are more suitable for films that are easily deformed. However, the most commonly used heat sealing method is the ordinary heat sealing method. There are several common hot-press sealing methods, including flat-plate heat-sealing, disc heat-sealing, belt-type heat-sealing, and sliding-clamp sealing. Flat-plate heat-sealing is the most popular.

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